Sergio Cortes And His Public Health Works

As the Secretary Of Health, Sergio Cortes has been able to make huge advances in medicine. He is a world renowned surgeon and doctor. Cortes is a man that is very educated, and he is dedicated to educating others. Cortes can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only has he received an extensive education in medicine, but he has also received education about the world. Cortes graduated from a very prestigious medical school in the country of Brazil, and he did not stop there. Cortes also studied at Harvard University in the United States of America. Cortes traveled to other European countries to learn about alternative to medicine. Cortes won an award from the World Health Organization in 2002 because of the extensive humanitarian work that he had done.

Cortes has been very involved in the efforts to find cures for mosquito transmitted diseases such as the following: Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue. These diseases have been affecting the residents of Brazil for quite some time, but recently the outbreak of Zika has been very alarming. One of the biggest things that have troubled Citizens of Brazil about the Zika virus is microcephaly. Microcephaly is a severe birth defect that many babies have had as a result of the Zika virus. Since that is the case, authorities are trying to find a vaccine for the Zika virus, but a vaccine has not been found yet.

Cortes and his team have also been consistently fighting off the dengue virus. Since there are different forms of dengue virus, they are trying to come up with different vaccines to counteract those different forms of the virus. Cortes has been able to get together over 1700 volunteers to take some of his vaccines. The hope of the health department is that these vaccines will soon be ready to distribute to the citizens of Brazil in order to combat at least one of the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes.

Sergio Cortes has done much to improve the health of the citizens of Brazil and around the world. He is an individual that realizes that education is the key to success. Not only does he achieve much with his own education, but he also tries to an educate the citizens of Brazil as to ways they can prevent the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes and take the best care of their health.

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