Securus Technologies Helps To Prevent and Solve Crimes

On October 21, 2016, PR Newswire posted an article about the use of Securus Technologies software and investigative tools, through the eyes of its users.


First, a little background on Securus Technology. This is a company which offers a full line of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to law enforcement and correction agencies across North America. Their technology, according to customers, has helped to solve and prevent crimes, even by inmate to inmate, within their customer’s facilities.


Here are examples of how the company’s software and investigative tools have helped their customers.



  1. Use information from phone calls to secure a search warrant from a corrupt staff member. The staff member was arrested for trying to introduce contraband to their facilities.
  2. Monitor calls among inmates regarding alcohol use, drug selling and drugs in the facility.
  3. Use investigative tools that were provided by Securus, to give facility personnel the ability to conduct an investigation regarding harassment or potential threats to the facility and possibly the community.
  4. Securus’s LBS (local-based service) software services in concurrence with other law enforcement resources allowed a sheriff’s department the ability to recover well over a million dollars in illegal assets, drugs and money.


Though this is just a small sampling of the comments that were presented by the article, it is clear that the company’s investigative tools and service is not only important to the facilities they serve, it is also a service to protecting the public.


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