Sanjay Shah Supports Autism Rocks

When he wanted to make a difference by supporting autism research, world-renowned hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah, and yet he was unsure how to go about it. That is, until Snoop Dogg came to his hometown of Dubai and a friend notified him that Snoop wanted to meet Sanjay. Of course, Sanjay was completely flattered and invited Snoop Dogg and his whole entourage to visit with his family. It was a phenomenal visit.

Of the visit, Sanjay said, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”

It turned into much more than a social visit, because Snoop Dogg, the multi-award winning artist, inspired Sanjay to get back into the music scene and more importantly, to start his own charity to support autism research, called Autism Rocks. Mr. Shah has a son that is autistic and through this new charity, he has been contributing support that he raised with special concerts he produced. He had big recording stars, such as Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone, and Elvis Costello performing to contribute to the cause. He was able to raise $15 million for autism research. The money goes directly to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which is at Cambridge University. The goal is for research to produce understanding of the cause and effects of autism.

Sanjay Shah moved to Dubai from the UK in 2009. He says he loves the city. He is the Founder, CEO, & Chief Architect at Vistex, Inc. They are a world leader in contract, pricing, channel marketing services and solutions, and incentive management.

Mr. Shah has grown Vistex into a cloud computing resource for businesses who need direction in marketing, gain revenue, and increase margins while controlling costs. Many industries across the globe, of all different sizes, choose Vistex to help them manage their businesses effectively.

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