Sam Tabar Helps Start-Ups Do More Than Start Up

When it comes to the world of investing Sam Tabar has a wealth of experience. He has worked in the private sector for major corporations as well as an attorney for prestigious law firms. Having experience in both of these areas, along with his education background, has led to him being a very successful attorney and capital strategist.

Prior to his career, he attended Oxford University where he graduated with Honors and received a Bachelor of Arts as credited on Afterwards he attended Columbia Law School where he held the title of Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review.

Upon graduating from the notorious law school he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, one of the world’s most distinguished law firms, as an Associate. Over the years he gained experience and eventually specialized in the area of hedge funds. He also has held career roles where he has given numerous forms of financial advice on investing. In addition, he served in a role of high finance at PMA Investment Advisors, a unit of Sparx Group Company. There he became promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. Then in 2011 Sam joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he held the title of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Being proficient in the Japanese language, in addition to his legal and financial knowledge, made Sam Tabar a solid fit for this role and his LinkedIn career history backs that up. After leaving the banking corporation Sam served as the Director for Adanac LLC, where he focused his energies on investing in start-up companies.

Currently, aside from giving legal advice concerning hedge funds, he continues to focus on helping American start-up companies. Living in New York City, a couple of local businesses have especially benefited from his expertise. Earlier this year the attorney took an interest and invested in THINX, a unique women’s undergarment company that makes fashionable underwear that are tailored to be worn during the menstruation cycle. Not only did Sam Tabar like the company’s business model but that the company has a mission of supporting women in Africa. Many African women are forced to miss work or school during their period because of the lack of resources that help women cope with the issue. THINX aims to provide these women of Uganda with washable pads. In 2016 with forward-thinkers and investors like Sam Tabar, hopefully Thinx can continue to grow and therefore help women in America and Uganda as well.  Sam Tabar can also be found on social media, he has an Instagram account and frequently appears on Twitter as well.

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