Rona Borre Creates Jobs in a Special Way

Rona Borre is a Chicago legend because of what she has been able to accomplish in business and her leadership in the business community. Certainly, the company which she founded and is the CEO of is the example of how to start and operate a business.

Rona Borre started her business, Instant Alliance in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo and today it is one of the more successful and fastest growing companies in the country. Instant Alliance places professionals in the technological and finance categories for the most part because these areas are what companies need to get to the next level if they are stagnated and wanting to grow.

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Borre stresses that the relationship is the important factor when it comes to properly placing key employees, and she and her 40 employee staff spend a great deal of effort making sure that the right hire is placed in the right corporate culture to make things work. The result is exemplified by a mere 1% turnover rate over the past 15 years of her placements which a remarkable history.  More tips from Borre on

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