Richard Mishaan Design is Embraced by the City of New York

Richard Mishaan is one of the leading designers in the interior design world that inhabits New York City. You may not know it, but interior design is a fierce industry that routinely spits out even the best of the best. Mishaan and the rest of his team at Richard Mishaan Design have been right in the thick of things for years, establishing themselves as an elite option for people looking for innovative and unique interior design work. Richard Mishaan Design has celebrated a slew of victories over the past couple of years and that is thanks to the candor and creativity of their leader, Mr. Mishaan himself.

Richard Mishaan Design knows how to work with the elite, upper crust elements of New York and that is what makes them so successful. More than just knowing how to work with wealthy customers, Richard Mishaan Design knows how to take their concepts, make them unique, and make them fundamentally personal. You don’t go into a Richard Mishaan Design room and think: “Richard Mishaan made this!” You go into one of those rooms and immediately understand the approach was professional but the results were uniquely personal. Mr. Mishaan makes rooms that you would want to live in, not ones that you would want to have designed for you.

Richard Mishaan has always been open and candid about his take on the interior design industry. Mishaan’s greatest battle has been with the constant need for his customers to spend a ton of money. Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.” Mishaan goes on to explain, “It’s really more about having an eye than having a certain amount of money.” Mr. Mrishaan’s eye can be seen on full display in his newest book, “Artfully Modern”.

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