Redditors Revolt after Hateful Subreddits are Banned

Reddit, which is a user-based website, have shut down several of their subreddit communities which have sent those users into a frenzy. Interim CEO Ellen Pao is behind shutting down five subreddit communities that violate the site’s new anti-harassment policies. Pao has said that the idea behind shutting down the subreddit communities is to ban the type of behavior that harasses individuals.

Many of the subreddits had several hundred to several thousand subscribers reports Alexei Beltyukov. Those subreddit communities focused on racism, transphobia, and harassing people who enjoy gaming. The subreddit community with the most subscribers that got shut down was dedicated to fat people hate, which posts disparaging pictures of overweight people along with hateful comments from the users. “Fat People Hate” had over 150,000 people that subscribed to that subreddit community.

This subreddit ban has left many users angry and looking to revolt against the decision. Many began posting unflattering or photoshopped pictures of Pao. Users also started a petition to see Pao fired from her position as interim CEO of the site. Some users are even predicting that this will be the beginning of the end for the popular site.

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  1. Stephen Onil August 24, 2016

    It sickening to believe such statement which posts disparaging pictures of overweight people along with the services offered at which I also think is very cool. For the fact that most people fail to acknowldge that does not mean I don’t.

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