Real Estate Guru Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti has more than 20 years of experience in acquiring, managing and developing of real estate properties. He has investments across the world including the United States. They include commercial buildings, shopping centers and office buildings.

The Highland Shopping Center in Houston is one of Haidar Barbouti’s famous real estate properties. The property exchanged hands after being sold by the original owner before finally landing in the hands of Haidar Barbouti in 1991. Under his management, Highland Village has transformed into the high-end shopping complex it is today. Major stores that have set up shop there include Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Anthropolgie.

Haidar is also involved in the daily running of his own restaurant—Up restaurant. It is also located in Highland Village shopping center together with other restaurants such as Escalante and Smith and Wollensky. Haidar’s involvement in the restaurant is not limited to management. He knows his way around the kitchen, too. He makes menu suggestions and even makes changes to the recipes.

Before Haidar opened Up restaurant, he had no prior experience in the business. His only drive thus far has been his love and passion for food. Haidar is aware that no business can succeed without passion. Every time he comes to town, he makes sure he eats at the restaurant.

While most restaurants focus more on decorating plates, Haidar’s restaurant is more about the food. Having been a sucker for traditional food cooked in a typical home, Haidar sought to replicate the same experience in Up restaurant. The idea is to provide real and authentic food to the customers. Every food served in the restaurant is made there. Haidar always ensures that these standards are maintained.

Business aside, Haidar also has the heart of giving. His philanthropic nature has seen him make generous donations in terms of time and resources to those in need in the community. His generosity extends to the animals, too. In his own Highland Shopping Village, he has donated space for the construction of the highland Village adoption Center for animal pets.

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