Raising the Minimum Wage in Los Angeles

When it comes to the minimum wage that all businesses must pay their is much debate. When it comes to raising the minimum wage it seems that not everyone can agree on whether or not this is a smart idea. There are some who believe that the minimum wage is just right where it is at. There are some who think that the minimum wage should be raised. There are some who think that the minimum wage should not even be as high as it is. The Los Angeles mayor is making a move in this regard, one that is sure to stir up controversy.

It seems that the Los Angeles mayor would like to see the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars an hour. This mayor would like individuals who are working in low paying jobs to receive a big pay increase. Is this mayor right in his thinking? Is this mayor looking out for those individuals who are currently receiving a low pay? Or, could this may actually be about to cause trouble for the whole Los Angeles area? The debate is on, and it will be a good one if you ask Gianfrancesco Genoso, who has been listed on TopLawyers.com.

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