QNET and Their Presence in India

When you work in corporate America, you often have to make changes. Sometimes these changes are bad. When you have to raise or charge more for your goods or services, it is not a good thing. However, sometimes the changes can be a good thing as well. More often than not, the practice of a corporation shifting their operation to other area of the world is actually a good thing. The reason is because these companies can often conduct their business in a more cost-effective manner because their cost of operations are often cheaper in a different location. This same principle would definitely hold true with the Malaysian country QNET. They recently announced that they plan to shift operations from their Malaysian location to a more profitable base in India.

The company recently announced that they have begun manufacture of their watches in India and will also soon begin production of their energy drink Nutriplus as well. Executives with the company are excited at the prospect of moving operations to India because it means that the company will save an estimate 8 to 12 percent. Although that doesn’t seem like much, for a company that is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars it can mean tremendous savings. QNet also has an India-centric website.

Another of the big changes for this company would be in the fact that they are at least making the effort to reach out to the Indian population. The CEO of the company was recently quotes as saying that they will give a platform to any Indian national who comes up an excellent idea for a new product. They also add that they are currently working on give guidelines to the multi-level marketing sector in the country of India. After this is accomplished, they will be able to become a fully established presence in India and provide much-needed jobs in order to help the local economy.

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