Premium dog foods suddenly have more choices

There has been a major shift towards higher end food. Suddenly, what we put into our bodies means more for people around the world and the saying that you are what you eat is accepted as gospel. The shift has been towards higher quality and fresher foods and many new technologies have been formed to provide humans with these higher quality foods. While the impact has already been present in human food, it is only starting to hit dog food. Dog foods are becoming increasingly more premium in quality and many companies are innovating to offer higher quality dog foods to pet owners. Part of this is centered on the prominent role that dogs are taking and as their inclusion as being part of the family. While for many this is true, there is some basic common sense behind the concept that if you feed your dogs more healthy food they will be healthier and make better pets. One brand out there – Beneful, which is owned by Nestle, is truly embracing this concept by offering higher quality pet food than their competitors and concentrating on providing a variety of options for dog owners regardless of the life stage your pet is in. Now Beneful is appealing to a new kind of customers by offering them the choice to customize their dog food by selecting the ingredients that they want in their food through an innovative ordering website that offers complete control over your dog’s diet. Beneful is appealing to those dog owners who are willing to pay a premium price for higher quality and specialized dog foods for their pets. While customized food options may not seem like a big deal- it is as dog owners can avoid ingredients that may be harmful to their pets and include healthier sized meals for smaller dogs who may be overweight due to overeating. Consider involving your bet when selecting a custom dog food and be sure to review it regularly as your dog gets older and their diet needs change. Purina Beneful has a wide range of options that can appeal to your dog and lead to better health.

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