Organo Gold, Championing Healthy Living Through Multi-Level-Marketing

Less than a decade ago, Organo Gold embarked on a mission; to spread knowledge of the Ganoderma herb to the world. The founders, Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand, challenged themselves with the task of spreading this knowledge and its benefits to as many people around the globe as possible. Right from the start, these founders understood that to reach many people, the herb had to be packaged as fast moving consumer good and be marketed and distributed through a reliable model.

What did they achieve these two?
For the products, the company settled for two of the most consumed beverages in the world, tea and coffee, as their means of distribution. The company, therefore, processes its tea and coffee that it then enhances with the Ganoderma products before distribution to consumers around the world. However, Organo gold does not just deal with beverages; it has diversified its line of products to include nutritional and personal care products such as grape seed oil and the G3 beauty soap.

Having packaged the product, the world had to be made aware of its existence as well as have the products delivered to them almost in real time. For this reason, the company adopted network marketing as the mode of distribution of its products. Holton Buggs, a network marketing professional, was invited to the company and promoted to the position of an executive vice president to assist with the model and promote international sales.

Company progress
Organo Gold has made tremendous progress since its inception. It started with one man’s vision but has transpired to a world product in just a few years. The company launched its worldwide campaign with a Hong Kong office and in less than two years opened up in Canada, where it has its headquarters, before gaining an operational license in the United States, an event that marked the company breakthrough.

About Bernardo Chua
Bernardo Chua descends from the Philippines, but his entrepreneurial spirit has led him drifted him to far lands away from home. He currently resides in California as the President of Gano Excel, a company he started in the early 2000s. The company now ranks among global leaders in the health and wellness with the aid of multi-level-marketing.

Before starting Organo, Bernardo was had been working in the multi-level marketing industry in the Philippines. In the many years he worked there, Chua accumulated a lot of experience and garnered enough exposure to the industry that motivated to set out and start his company. This experience and exposure can be credited to the current stellar performance of his company, Organo Gold.

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