Opening a New Chapter about the Life and Times of Troy McQuagge

Opening a New Chapter about the Life and Times of Troy McQuagge



We all live to make a difference. As Albert Schweitzer once said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and show compassion and the will to help others.” There are many rewards in helping others, particularly for individuals that do so without expecting anything in return. Troy McQuagge is one of the few people who has particularly committed his life to assist others to prosper through his career.


Who is Troy McQuagge?


Troy McQuagge is a man committed to realizing the change in all aspects of life. As a resident of Coppell, Texas, Troy has been instrumental in bringing economic prosperity to the region mainly because he is a career corporate executive as well as a devoted entrepreneur. Also, Troy’s passion in promoting quality healthcare has seen him actively participate in the affairs of USHEALTH Group.


Technical skills, Endorsements, and Academic accomplishments


Time is all that Troy McQuagge needed to excel in life. To be the man he is today, Troy has sacrificed a lump sum amount of his time to studies. Thanks to his perseverance, Troy McQuagge has a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies to show for all the effort he put as a student at the prestigious University of Central Florida.


Over the years while working, Troy McQuagge has been able to amass a wealth of skills in fields like leadership, health insurance, term life insurance, insurance, group medical, cafeteria plans, and retirement. Troy’s expertise has gone beyond accident insurance, licensed life & health insurance agent, dentistry, homeowners, umbrella insurance, and brokers, legal liability, accident, employee benefits, marketing, and long term care. Also, Troy is proficient in matters life insurance, disability insurance, health savings accounts, training, universal life, critical illness, commercial lines, long term care insurance, property & casualty insurance, retirement planning, claim, and managed care among many others. Due to his exemplary expertise, Troy McQuagge has gotten endorsed by individuals like Gary Bowman, Joshua Levy, and J. Murph Lauer.


Working history


It is without saying that Troy McQuagge is one busy person. Since 1983, Troy has been working as a ‘mule,’ and is proud to have over thirty years working experience in sales and marketing. Between 1996 and 2008, Troy devoted more than a decade of his life working as the President Agency Marketing Group at Health Market. Two years after leaving Health Market, McQuagge forum employment at USHEALTH Advisors, taking the role of President and CEO. Seven years down the line, Troy has been responsible for making the Texas based corporation profitable in more ways than one. Today, USHEALH Advisors is considered to be largest sales group in the “Under 65” health insurance market, all thanks to Troy McQuagge.


Apart from playing a huge role at USHEALTH Advisors, Troy McQuagge has assumed the position of President, CEO, and an active member of the Board of Directors at USHEALTH Group, a company he joined in 2014. USHEALTH Group has been experiencing tremendous growth ever since Troy took control of the enterprise, yielding huge profit margins annually. Other businesses that Troy McQuagge has helped grow include Allstate Insurance, UICI/Health Market, Foundation Financial Services, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Ushealth Funding, Ushealth Career Agency, Small Business Insurance Advisors, and Precision Dialing Services.


McQuagge’s role at USHEALTH Group


Apart from leading USHEALTH Group to financial success, McQuagge has been the brain behind the company’s technological advancements, using innovation to offer clients better products and services.


Activities and Societies


As a student at the University of Central Florida, Troy McQuagge was an active tennis player.


Volunteer Experience


Troy McQuagge has always led a unique way of life. With Troy being a selfless man, he has helped others rise by engaging in volunteer activities. Since 2010, Troy McQuagge has seen the need to help individuals and communities succeed by joining charitable groups like the Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and Semper Fi Fund. While working for the above intuitions, Troy has assumed many roles and responsibilities as a community volunteer, volunteer labor, and as volunteer in charitable donation. Apart from helping build shelters for the needy, the above groups have been instrumental in providing financial assistance to war veterans wounded in the line of duty.




Prizes and Awards


Troy McQuagge has lived a life worth emulating. Everywhere Troy has gone, success has been inevitable. In honor of his accomplishments, Troy has received numerous awards in the course of executing his many duties. Such prizes include the:


  • 2007 Gold Stevie Award for Insurance Sales Organization of the Year
  • 2012 Silver Stevie Award – Sales Turnaround of the Year
  • 2013 Bronze International Business Award – Fastest Growing Company in the U.S. and Canada
  • 2014 Bronze American Business Award – Fastest Growing Company
  • 2015 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies
  • 2016 Silver Stevie Award – Sales Growth Achievement of the Year
  • 2016 Gold Stevie Award – McQuagge leading the company of the year in insurance
  • 2016 Gold Award – Troy as the most Innovative CEO of the Year
  • 2016 Gold Award – Company of the Year in accounting, banking, financial, and insurance
  • 2016 Gold Award – Company of the Year due to Troy’s commitment
  • 2017 Gold Award – National Sales Team of the Year


Troy’s passion to realizing a better world has gone beyond his workplace, taking every chance as an opportunity to make the human environment more sustainable. McQuagge’s resume speaks volumes, a portfolio that has taken many years to build.


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