OneLogin: A Game Changer for Logins

San Francisco based Envoy is finally taking tasks such as logging in and registering, out of the analog age and into the digital era. In the old days, registering was done using log books and other insecure ways. Not so anymore, if Envoy can help it. Already many leading tech-savvy companies have switched to the new method which involves using a tablet such as an iPad, for signing people on, registering and other related chores. As with any task that can be done digitally, these tasks have now suddenly become much easier, more productive and safer to do, from a security standpoint.

IT administrators know very well that whenever employees are moved around or transferred to another location, it can be a major headache to make sure that they do not loose log in access. Envoy teamed up with OneLogin to simplify user provisioning by using a specific protocol known as SCIM protocol. SCIM stands for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management and it goes by another description which is, automated user on and off boarding. This system is available for customers who are in the Enterprise and Premium category.

Why is SCIM such a big deal? The answer is quite simple. It makes the whole process much easier and faster. It automates the provisioning process by filling in names, address, and other pertinent information, directly. SCIM also has a synchronizing feature which means it will update necessary information when change happens to the user profile.

OneLogin can be described as an identity and access management, or IAM, company, and it is cloud based. The company strives to improve efficiency for corporations by improving Single Sign On or SSN. More than 300 app vendors, as well as 70 software as service providers (SaaS), use OneLogin to improve user experience and security. The company was founded in 2009 and product launch happened a year later. The founders are Thomas and Christian Pedersen, and they were involved with Zendesk, which is a helpdesk application. After cutting their teeth with this system, they were able to take lessons learned from it and start OneLogin.

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