One Vision Makes Bernardo Chua Successful

In a recent publication Bernardo Chua went to great lengths to explain how he came to be a leader in marketing and business. The young businessman started out working in 2003 for Gano Excel in Canada. After working for Gano Excel for a few years, Chua earned the respect of his employers. He eventually earned his promotion to manager of the company. While working for Gano Excel Chua began to think about starting his own business. The businessman began to realize that he could do well with a special herb. As a young man in the Philippines he was exposed to the mushroom herb Ganoderma Lucidium. This herb was known to treat things like gout, psoriasis, and diabetes. Some people even took the herb to help with reducing cholesterol. When using this herb the people of the Philippines found out that the herb helped them remove toxins from their bodies. This herb id not change the taste of drinks like tea or coffee. This gave Chua a great motivation to start something great.

Bernardo Chua began his own business in 2008. Organo Gold was the brain child of Chua and eventually made him very successful. The vision of this young man began as a small company that now is large and important. The company employs several employees where it first started out with just three. Distributors began to increase in number and the population of Organo Gold exploded. The instant coffee and tea beverage that includes this wonderful herb is helping people to be healthier. This product is available online in capsules and liquid formulas. Bernardo Chua had a great idea that is taking the world by storm.

Bernardo Chua explained on Twitter how he grew up in the Philippines and took a job in Canada. The job in Canada and California eventually earned him Businessman honors. He has taken home a few awards such as the Dangal in 2014 and 2015. This CEO businessman has established this successful business just by having one vision that took flight. Bernardo Chua is offering the chance for success to others. He explains how easy it is to find yourself as your own boss and setting your own hours. He started with one idea and made it grow. Check him out on Linkedln and Facebook.

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