Oncotarget Focus on Researches that Help Fight Cancer

The complexity of tumor development and the integrity of the human organism has contributed to Oncotarget journal to give focus on cancer research and oncology. The paper also focuses its outstanding research on other fields such as age-related diseases, pathology, endocrinology, immunology, and physiology. The publication, which is published by Impact Journals, acts as a useful platform for researchers to air their findings on the above category of diseases.

Published Researches

The studies presented to Oncotarget undergo thorough review and editing before publication to ensure they meet the right standards. The research results are used in helping physicians curb some of the deadliest human diseases.

One such type of research on genes causing leukemia was done by Oregon Health and Science University. The researcher focused on the gene ‘typo’ that is responsible for causing cancer. Cancer is known to be caused a mistake in genes that lead to mutation.

When doing research on leukemia genes, Watanabe-Smith, a post-doctorate fellow at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, discovered new problems. The model system used to sequence patient genes produced new genes which he had not put there. Once such a discovery is published in the journal, other doctors can do further research and come up with ways of rectifying the model.

Still, in another study published in Oncotarget, researchers got a better understanding of genes causing breast cancer. With that information, scientists can direct their focus on finding means of stopping these defaulted genes.

Impact of Research Publication

In addition to providing scientists with insight into cancer and other related diseases, Oncotarget is also receiving a lot of popularity. The information published in the journal is constructive and punctual, helping peer researchers improve on their research.

Additionally, scientific research results are accessible widely and in a rapid manner. With this kind of speed, the border between specialties is broken. Similarly, different fields of biomedical science are linked and maximizing the impact of the research.

Oncotarget Leadership

The success of Oncotarget can be credited to the prominent leadership of dedicated scientist, Andrei V. Gudkov, and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, who are the editors in chief. The two are assisted by other reputable editors who form the editorial board.

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