Olympic Valley Incorporation Avoided

Recently the Reno Gazette-Journal published an article about Olympic Valley and the almost incorporation of Olympic Valley. Backers came in and almost incorporated Olympic Valley because of the need for snow. To explain this, we will have to look at the history of Lake Tahoe and the winter ski resorts. Lake Tahoe is one of the favorite places for tourist to go during the winter months. The softer the snow, the better the ski. People came to depend on taking their holidays snow skiing on one of the mountain terrains. Due to poor snow conditions and droughts over the past four years, the community began to suffer. Fortunately, snow came early this year. The resorts were able to open and business is booming.

Andy Wirth is one of the main people speaking out about the almost incorporation. The effects could have been bad for the community and travelers. When it is a snowy season, the roads get messy. If the incorporation had gone through, Andy fears the roads would suffer. Andy Wirth states taxes would have increased but services would have decreased. Snow plowing and road maintenance would not be what it is right now if the city had to depend on the corporate individuals to make these decisions. Money talks and it was hundreds of thousands of dollars that held off the incorporation.

Now the President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth, is planning to do some things to increase tourism. There are plans for a gondola between resorts. The gondola will help people that are hoping to get the full experience skiing in the California mountains. The ski resorts and businesses in the area are used to tons of tourists during the winter months. When it snows, business is booming. Olympic memories are all over the area. Winter sports are first and foremost in everybody mind.

Andy Wirth was featured on a television show called “undercover boss”. On this show, the owners of businesses are in disguise. These bosses go into the businesses and take on all different jobs with workers. The boss will see what is working and what is not working by doing this. Andy was quick to make amends towards the things that were not working. Andy Wirth is also working hard to bring in more tourists to the area by helping with the marketing. Reno Tahoe Airport is expecting good things from Wirth.

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