North Carolina University Shooting

A shooting occurred in North Carolina on Saturday night. A young man was shot, although he remains in a stable condition. This occurred near North Carolina Central University. University officials had received a warning about an active shooter and had tweeted about it. Students received email notifications regarding the shooting. Currently, there has been no arrests made as the investigation is still ongoing.

Shootings in schools and in college campuses are a serious thing in the United States. It can occur at any given moment without a fair warning. One day someone decides to open fire at innocent victims or targeted persons. School and university administrators need to realize how serious a shooting can be. Every school and college campus should have officials that are trained to address this situations.

While shootings may not be always preventable, schools should have a proper plan implemented to protect the safety of those on campus. Teachers should have an awareness of an emergency plan they must follow. Students may not necessarily need to know the steps, but an adult should know.

Universities and schools should have email and smartphone alerts, like the push notifications on FreedomPop and iPhones, to find the best way to send the alert out in a timely matter. Facts may be important prior to sending it out, but whenever there is a possible situation students should be alerted. This could save the lives of many by simply alerting them.

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