Norman Pattiz Launches Beyond Darkness, a New Show For The Lovers of Paranormal

Podcast is the future of audio. Digital on demand is a democratic way of getting your message heard. Audiences choose the messages to listen to and when they want to listen to it instead of being forced into listening to shows that they have little or no interest in.

Among the podcast audiences are people who look for politics topics, others look for game shows while other its music and other entertainment shows. However, there is that bold niche that love to listen to paranormal shows. This group has for a long time been neglected by podcasts. No podcast network ever thought of them, but PodcastOne is changing that notion.

Late last year, Norman Pattiz who is the Chairman of PodcastOne and Chris Jericho who manages the Jericho Network, operating under the PodcastOne umbrella, decided to launch a paranormal show, Beyond Darkness. Beyond Darkness will feature researchers who study the otherworld. If you want to scare yourself to sleep, this is the show to look out for. Everything you have wanted to know about angles, demons, monsters, ghosts and ghouls will be discussed in the weekly episodes of this show. The show will be hosted by your favorite paranormal radio host personalities including Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader. Weekly episodes will be released on Monday and will be available on the podcast’s official website, iTunes and the PodcastOne app.

During the press release for the launch of Beyond Darkness, the Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz commended Chris Jericho for the new show and his previous productions. He commended him a brilliant producer who had a keen eye for everything entertaining. From the comedy shows to the paranormal show that was about to be launched under his network, Chris had indeed outdone himself.

Chris Jericho also commented about the new show stating that this would tap an even bigger audience for PodcastOne. Giving us a brief insight on what the show would be like, all he said is that it would be as scary as hell.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is a leading advertiser-based podcast network founded by Norman Pattiz. The podcast has over 100 million listens. As of today, the podcast boasts of over 200 shows.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the brain behind PodcastOne. He founded the podcast after many years of being in retirement. After learning about the idea of digital on demand, he decided to commercialize that. And as you would expect, just like his Westwood One, this has been a real hit.

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