New York Doctor Cleared of Ebola

Since the word that Ebola was on the U.S. soil, people were seen to panic since they were exposed to doctors and health workers from the West Africa countries.

Craig Spencer, who lives in New York, was recently working in West Africa. After he came back from West Africa, he was quite okay. He even went bowling with family and friends.

It all seemed normal until he started having fevers. This led to health officials in the state to diagnose him with signs of Ebola. The doctor had been working in West Africa by treating patients infected with Ebola.

After almost a week of close examination, the doctor was cleared of Ebola. This comes as good news for people like Rod Rohrich who were worried that the Ebola disease had spread in the United States.

This is because the doctor had been in the subway lines and other famous restaurants. The clearing of the doctor free of the dangerous disease means that there has not been any other case of Ebola in the U.S.

The condition of the doctor had forced some states to implement quarantine for any health workers returning from West Africa. However, most of them came back negative of the deadly disease.

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  1. Adelyn Draven August 26, 2017

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