Marveling At Modern Movie Magic

Motion pictures have always brought imagination to life. Movies are able to take people anywhere they want to go. Modern films are able to do so much more with the introduction of computer assisted technologies, also known as special effects. These special effects can be used in countless ways in the movie industry.

Most major motion pictures in the last 10 years have employed computer assisted special effects to some degree. Some fantasy films were made possible entirely because they could recreate the alien environments with special effects. There are several animated childrens films that were created entirely with computer animation special effects.

While there are many who contributed to the advancement of the special effects world, one of the men at the forefront of the movement is John Textor. John Textor was responsible for more than 75 hit movies that all used special effects between 2006 and 2012. Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group were the companies where John was the Chairman and CEO for a combined six years.

Some of the more famous films John’s company worked on were Pirates of the Caribbean and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. John’s companies have done some great work over the years he was at the helm. In 2009, John brought home the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, one of the most sought after awards in the special effects community.

Even with all his achievements to date, the most impressive remains the digital Tupac Shakur his company helped bring to life at a popular music festival in 2012. The world was in awe seeing Tupac take the stage once again. The holographic Shakur performed perfectly for fans and took the special effects world by surprise. Since Tupac’s digital concert performance, other deceased performers, like Elvis Presley, have been resurrected using the same special effect technology.

The modern technology used in film making is complicated, detailed, and amazing. Many motions pictures released today employ some degree of special effects during the picture. Some movies can even be shot completely using special effect technology. It’s because of companies like Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group and forward thinking executives like John Textor that we have these box office megahits that bring the imagined to life released on a regular basis.

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