Mark Ahn On Leadership Trends

Mark Ahn, whom throughout his career has held leadership positions in biotech an academia, along with publishing more that 50 journal articles and books, recently published his thoughts on the top upcoming leadership trends for 2015. All of his ideas stem from the concept that leaders are made and not born.

A leader must remember to learn from those who came before them, remembering that good leadership is timeless.

Leading with integrity is also crucial, as good leaders have a strict moral and ethical code.

This idea of personal values is continued in Mark Ahn’s next trend, exercising good judgement by always acting with courage and character.

My maintaining a strong personal code and exercising good judgement, the best leaders will lead by example and draw support through actions, not only words.

Finally, the best leaders must always remember to be humble and know that the best leadership advice can sometimes come from those you lead. In times of crisis, the ability of a leader to act with humility and respect the opinions of all those around them will be what separates the good leaders from the great.

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