Marijuana Users Aren’t Getting The Same High

Marijuana smokers used to be extremely proud of their restricted habit. However, marijuana laws in America have since changed, and weed has become legal in several different states. Marijuana users like to view themselves as people who stand against the establishment. Some people who smoke weed believe that they are better than everyone else. Marijuana signifies freedom and an open mind to many people. However, things are extremely different in the year 2015.

High Times is a national marijuana magazine that is published all over the country. Every year, High Times hosts the National Cannabis Cup in a state of their choosing. This year’s High Times Cannabis Cup was held in Colorado on 4/20. Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG tells us that marijuana users have been celebrating the love of their plant on April 20th for many years. Sadly, marijuana users felt that the High Times Cannabis Cup did not allow them to celebrate as freely as they once had several years ago.

The legalization of marijuana means that there are several restrictions on the plant, and pot smokers do not care for rules too much. Now, everyone is able to smoke weed, and it has taken away the thrill for pot smokers. Marijuana is no longer a banned substance, and that has ruined the high for many potheads. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

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