Marco Rubio Is Poor, Like You

In a presidential campaign that is full of wealthy candidate upon wealth candidate, there is at least one who does not have this distinction. That candidate is Marco Rubio. He has had numerous financial struggles the likes of which many of the other candidates cannot even imagine.

Rubio has a net worth that is estimated to be about $444,000 says Eric Pulier in this article. That may sound like a lot of money for the average American, but it is much lower than what the average major party candidate is running with. states that this situation could actually play well into the hands of Marco Rubio. At the very least, the situation is one that Rubio can use to say that he is the man of the people. He can appear like more of a populist to the masses than what some other candidates are able to do.

It will be interesting to see how Rubio tries to play this. Will he say that he is just like the rest of us? Will he try to convince voters in Iowa that he is their man by showing them that he is not as wealth as so many other choices that they have? Will this backfire? Those are questions that his campaign staff and strategists will have to answer.

There is almost no question that being a lower net worth candidate is more of an asset than it has been in a long time.

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