Marcio Alaor BMG on Tag Heuer, CES 2016 Technology Fair, and BMG’s Partnership with Itau

Marcio Alaor, the chief executive officer of a Brazilian bank group known as BMG, reports on Tag Heuer performance in the market, saying that Jean-Clude Biver, the CEO of the company, is a true enthusiast when it comes to the brand and shows extreme determination to see the company grow. He continues and says that the CEO is determined to see that new and innovative projects are launched and clients can have better clocks.
Tag Heuer has existed over 150 years and is a recognized brand globally, making quality sport watches. Marcio Alaor commends the CEO for using Tom Brady, a popular American sports person, in its marketing efforts. He points out on a recent interview involving the company’s CEO, where he said that it was the first time the brand entered Brazil market. During the interview, Biver said that Brazil was one of the main markets in the Latin world, where the Swiss brand was expecting to expand its activities.
Marcio Alaor Accounts News from CES 2016 technology Fair
The Consumer Electronic Show is an event held every year in Las Vegas, where the present and future of technology is revealed. Marcio Alaor says that the event this time headlined a drone that could carry a passenger and a camera attached. This design shows that future electric cars are possible and the idea can be arrived at. Being in a drone doesn’t necessarily mean that you fly it. One just has to pre-program the path and enjoy the entire trip. According to Marcio, the flight capacity of the drone is just 23 minutes and can reach a maximum height of about 3.5 kilometers. His biggest concern, however, is security.
The executive of BMG also said that the electric cars and smart home were also some of the attractions in the fair. He says that cameras can now be attached to any object at home such as a refrigerator. The camera is then capable of sending photos of the interior, allowing owners to purchase what’s not available.
BMG Partners with Itau to offer better financial services
Marcio Alaor’s BMG has now partnered with Itau in order to strengthen its capability of offering payroll loans. Marcio celebrates the partnership saying that it will result in a new bank being created, which exclusively operates discount lending. According to BMG, the partnership will also finance employees of all private companies, where Marcio says there is a huge market yet to be explored.

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