Many States Consider Bills To Tighten Vaccination Requirements


In the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak, at least 14 states are considering tightening their immunization requirements to make it harder for parents to get certain types of exemptions.

In Minnesota, a pro-immunization group called the Immunization Action Coalition has been working on a bill that would require parents seeking a personal-belief exemption to get a signature from a doctor verifying that they have been given information about the pros and cons of vaccines.

Legislators in Washington, Maine and California have introduced bills removing the “philosophical exemption” from vaccinating. Vermont, Texas, Rhode Island, Oregon, Oklahoma and Maryland all have bills that would do away with religious exemptions. Illinois and New Mexico would require people seeking a religious exemption to get an official like a priest or rabbi to validate that the objection is truly consistent with a given religion. Vermont has another bill that would require people working at schools to be vaccinated unless they have a medical condition making vaccination impossible.

California and Michigan already require exemptions to be signed by health officials. Arizona has a bill that would require schools to post vaccination rates on their websites.

Ricardo Tosto commented on that this is really a sticky situation since some consider “forced vaccinations” an assault on human rights, others believe that allowing too many exemptions lessens herd immunity and endangers people who can’t be vaccinated, like infants and people with compromised immune systems.

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  1. Brynlee Steven September 20, 2017

    Missouri has a bill requiring principals to notify parents of any unvaccinated children in the school. They would also need to get the exemption renewed when the child enters seventh grade. It has made GradeMiners review to do something so important for all of them to get a glimpse of and that means some thing important is happening all around which might not be far from the truth in any case.

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