Makari de Suisse Products and their Benefits

Makari was first founded in Switzerland and its main aim was the production of beauty and skin products favorable for dark-skinned individuals. The products are made available in varieties that suit different ranges of dark skin types as well as their different skin needs including stretch marks and scars.

The products Makari offers include skin care products in form of lightening creams and cleansers in which some are specifically for the face while others are bodily creams. Perfumes and other cosmetics are also made available together with hair care products designed to cater for the specific needs of ethnic black hair. The prices on the products are alsofavorable for the consumers.

A number of skin care products that keep the skin healthy are offered. Among them is the Pimple Drying Treatment Cream. It removes excess oil from the skin and clears the pores to prevent and eliminate acne. It also does away with acne spots. The ingredients used for its manufacture are safe and the main ingredients are salicylic acid and calamine. Salicylic acid is used because of its reknown abilities to remove excessive oil on the skin and pores while calamine acts as a skin soothing agent especially for those with easily irritable skin. Thus by drying out pimples the skin is left looking healthy.

The Makari Day Treatment Cream is a healthy skin growth agent that moisturizes the skin and has been manufactured to even out the skin tone. It is used to repair damaged skin, brightens the skin and improves the quality of growing skin. The ingredients for this product include palmitic acid that aids in skin repairing and mulberry root extracts for brightening the skin among others. Makari also catered for the needs of dark-skinned people who have dead skins by production of the Clarifying Scrubbing Cream which is manufactured to remove dead skin cells from the skin without causing any damage or side effects for example discolorations. Stearic acid is one of the ingredients and its main purpose is cleaning the skin from within while propylene glycol is the ingredient that leaves the skin moisturized and smooth.

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