Luxurious Apartments in New York City

New York City, the city for prime real-estate. New York City is quite literally the land of opportunity and the city where cosmopolitanism is constantly changing policies of the world. Luxury apartments are one of the most sought after real-estate properties that are sold in New York City. People want to live in the city in style. Recently, according to luxurydaily, it has been reported that the real-estate in Manhattan has reached its highest peak of sales within the last seven years.

Manhattan has become one of the premier spots to own NYC luxury real estate. It has been reported that one in five apartments in Manhattan are considered luxury apartments. The growth in luxury apartments is due to the real estate market growing on not just the local side, but also the international side of the spectrum. It has been reported that the market will continue to see large amounts of growth within the year.

Some of the most luxurious apartments that are sold are done through a NYC luxury real estate company known as Town Residential. Town Residential is a firm that specializes in real-estate service. This means finding the perfect home that fits each individual’s requirements. Town Residential was developed in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. Both Mr. Heiberger and Mr. Sitt are still extremely active in the firm as of present day.

The mission of Town Residential is to provide each client with the most luxurious apartment and landscape that makes every home unique. The firm specializes in luxury residential sales, leasing and marketing, sales, as well as leasing property developments. What makes Town Residential such a special firm to use is the fact that excellence is the primary mission of this company.

The professionals that work for Town Residential are what provide the individualized and unique services to each customer. Each individual’s knowledge and experience of real-estate is what makes this firm specialize in selling the best of the best luxury apartments.

Some of the neighborhoods that are included in the listings provided by this firm include: SoHo, Gramercy Park, Union Square, Flatiron District, the Financial District, Battery Park, East Village, and many more sites. The luxurious apartments that are sold by this firm are of the finest quality. In addition to this, the unique and individualistic attention that is received by each customer is just an example as to why this firm is popular to those looking for luxurious apartments in New York City.

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