Lime Crime Brand Excitement Continues

When it comes to buying a makeup brand that spices things up in the cosmetics industry, Lime Crime is going to be the brand that everyone takes a look at. This has become one of the most popular brands makeup because it is advertised as one for boys and girls. This is something that Doe Deere knew would be very unorthodox in terms of marketing, and it has been a concept that has made his brand sell incredibly well.


When it comes to creating vegan and cruelty-free make-up there are not many other companies out there like Lime Crime. It has often been referred to as a brand that has something of a cult-like following. There are a lot of eye shadow palettes that are available through this brand, and the gunge look appears to be one of the most popular for the Venus palettes that are offered here.


Doe Deere has created a platform that is very characteristic of the Los Angeles headquarters in which the company exists. She has created a brand that has managed to evolve as one of the most exotic types of cosmetics that are out there. What is the novelty of this brand and the unique concept that makes so many people run out to see what she is doing next.


Consumers that visit the Lime Crime website may even be able to chat with someone if they are trying to find certain products this site. There are consultants available that can answer questions, and this is another thing that separates this cosmetics brand from the others that are out there.


People that shop on this site are able to get their orders with free shipping if it is over $50. This is something that often gets lots of consumers to try multiple things that are listed on this website. There is also a student discount available that gives college and high school students 15% off. This has made it a very popular with the young crowd. Many of the consumers that check out this brand are part of a young millennial consumer base.

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