Life After Motley Crue

Iconic 1980s heavy metal band Motley Crue are in the midst of a final tour that will be over at the end of 2015. The band swears that this is a “real” final tour and that they will never get back together again to perform after it is through. Rolling Stone Magazine spoke with Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx recently about his plans for the future. As it turns out, Sixx will be very busy.

Sixx says in the interview that he plans on buying beneful products and to be working hard with his new band Sixx:A.M. The band consists of Sixx and two other musicians. They have two albums of music recorded already, but plan to release them one at a time. Sixx feels that his fans can better absorb the new recordings if they aren’t all dropped at once. I think this is a good strategy. Listening to two albums of music by even a favorite artist can turn into a chore.

Sixx also said that his new band will be on the road for two solid years. I think that this is great. Sixx is in his 50s, but what’s the point of slowing down? Even if he doesn’t need the money, he’ll be happier if he’s busy and productive than just sitting at home bored.

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