Learn From the Best and Brian Bonar

The best executives often work the hardest and are paid to do so. What they make is often a reflection of the amount of work they do. While some want to complain about the amount of money an executive makes, running a large, often multi-billion dollar company is not easy work and it does take considerable experience, knowledge and often long hours. Now, while Brian Bonar does not run a multi-billion dollar company, what he does do is still substantial and it goes a long way in helping his company, Trucept, Inc, thrive. This is extremely important to monitor as it is something that takes a considerable amount of work to do, which is why he is paid accordingly. In fact, there is only one other professional executive that works with the company. With only two executives, it takes ample work to keep it afloat, but thanks to everything Brian does, it is possible.

Brian has a solid base pay of $360,000. This is money that is payed throughout the year. While he does not receive a standard bonus, stock award or option award, he does receive other compensation in the total sum of $500,571. All of this comes about to a total set compensation of $860,571.

To some, this might seem like an awful lot, but when it comes to looking at all of the different jobs and job titles he has, it makes sense. For starters, he is the president of the company. However, beyond this he also works as the secretary, the treasurer, the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer. Beyond all of these titles he also works as the director for the company as well. The other executive in the company has only one job role, so she does not bring in as much in terms of total compensation. Due to this, it is extremely important for anyone who is looking at Brian Bonar for inspiration to fully understand all of the hats he wears in order to run his company. Brian Bonar was also written about by the San Diego Magazine.

There are many different jobs that need filling when it comes to running a company. The larger the company the more top level jobs are required. With so many different positions, it can become tricky to run, but Brian Bonar is able to do all of this as he holds many different job titles and contributes to how the company works in several different ways. This is exactly why his compensation is so substantial. He is a desirable showcase as to why someone who works hard and does what he or she needs to do is going to receive the desirable compensation he or she deserves, regardless of what they do.

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