Latest Clinton Scandals Leave Her Candidacy Weakend

The much talked about Hillary Clinton juggernaut has suffered a blow from two scandals that have broken out in recent days. At this point, neither scandal appears close to being resolved. Newspaper reporters are investing illegal foreign donations to her family’s foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State. Some political pundits speculate the donations were tantamount to foreign countries buying access to her forthcoming presidency.

Yet it appears that it is the email scandal that has weakened her candidacy the most. On Tuesday, the Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House select committee on Benghazi, told reporters that the committee was unaware the private emails existed. Jason Halpern said this glaring omission would require further investigation into Benghazi. Accordingly, Rep. Gowdy said he would be requesting all emails from Mrs. Clinton’s personal accounts from the State Department. Only after it became apparent the emails would not be able to remain private, Mrs. Clinton tweeted that she was the one in favor of making them public.

If Mrs. Clinton thought the tweet would demonstrate transparency, she was mistaken. While she previously turned over 55,000 personal emails to the State Department, it has been learned that her aides decided which emails to turn over and which to keep private. Presumably, this would suggest that the presumptive Democrat nominee is not as interested in transparency as she is in merely appearing to be transparent. As a result, her candidacy has weakened which may give occasion for others to challenge her for the Democrat party’s nomination.

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