Lark Voorhies Married A Wanted Man

Saved by the Bell fans have mostly followed the lives of the stars since the 1990’s show ended. However, while some of them have gone on to do great things with their lives; others have made the spotlight time and time again for stupidity. Specifically speaking, Lark Voorhies is one with questionable acts. She made the news for being diagnosed with Bi-polar depression, and now she’s made news again with her marriage from a man on Facebook.

Voorhies married Jimmy Green and they made it official on April fool’s Day. However, the news was just released as they renewed their vows in Las Vegas this week. At first, Susan McGalla thought it was a joke. The other interesting twist to the story is Green is reported to be a felon. He is wanted in Tucson, Arizona for a crime that was committed back in 2012. Apparently, Green failed to appear in court for charges of disorderly conduct and making criminal threats. With his public stunt and marrying a known star, it is possible this will lead police right to his location.

The couple is now on the radar and I’m positive he will have his day in court. What has happened to the stars of this show? Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech, is in trouble with the law for apparently stabbing a man in a bar. With drama like this, it makes the fans glad that people like Mike Paul Gosselar and Mario Lopez turned out alright.

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