Kim Dao Vlogs A “Chill” Day In Osaka

Tube vlog entitled “Chill Day in Japan | Food & Shopping Haul,” beauty expert Kim Dao shows viewers what she does for her Japanese host family on a typical day.

Kim Dao starts off the video showing us some pictures she just took of her host family’s food items. In case you didn’t know, Dao’s host family owns a small shop in Osaka. Kim Dao took these pictures to make brand new ads for her host family’s store.

Kim Dao’s host dad surprises Kim with some warm udon during the video. Kim Dao then tells us all about her life in Osaka while eating her delicious bowl of udon. She also explains how she got her job in Japan and gives advice for those looking to break into the Tokyo job market.

Once Kim Dao is done with her work and her udon, she walks from her host family’s store to Mikuni Station. She boards a train at the station and gets off near the HEP Five shopping center. Once she is inside the store, she meets up with her friends Sophie and Luke to go shopping. In this video, Kim Dao mainly takes a look at various clothes throughout HEP Five.

After Kim Dao is done shopping, she travels back to her host family’s store. While she waits for her host family to return, Kim shows us all the things she purchased at HEP Five. The main items Kim Dao bought at HEP Five include a few chokers and a USB stick.

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