Kevin Seawright And His Mission Of Raising The Homeownership Rate In Baltimore

Recently, Kevin Seawright reported that RPS Solutions LLC had succeeded in their mission to offer affordable homes. That is through the addition of a further first time homeowner in the Baltimore community. When he formed the joint venture in 2015, Kevin Seawright’s goal was to engage in the affordable housing market and empower the Baltimore community. Seawright and his firm endeavors to enable individuals own a home. The main objective is for the Baltimore residents to improve on the present home ownership rate that is at 48.3%. It is also meant to enhance the livelihood of the residents.

Kevin Seawright, the founder of the RPS Solutions noted that it is rewarding to have more stability in areas like Belvedere Square. He added that with every addition of a new home in Baltimore, they get closer to accomplishing their objective. That is to boost the city’s present home ownership rate. Raising the rate has several economic benefits. It also leads to stable neighborhoods along with vibrant communities. According to Seawright, homeownership is the ultimate prize they want to facilitate for all the residents of the Baltimore area. RPS Solutions strongly believes that by providing important real estate services to individuals that are interested, their mission is achievable.

RPS Solutions helps homebuyers by linking them with mortgage lenders, manages assets, and building of new properties. It also provides custom renovations to existing houses that are underdeveloped in the area. Seawright’s efforts as well as those of the RPS Solutions team have enabled settling homeowners to thrive in the flourishing Baltimore Neighborhoods. Each new homeowner contributes towards attaining the overall goal of increasing the rate of home ownership in the city.

About Kevin Seawright
Kevin Seawright is a project management and an accounting expert. He has worked in various fields that include education, real estate development, and local government in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Seawright is always involved when it comes to his community. He has acted as a coach for the local youth sport teams. He has also served the Babe Ruth Museum as an advisory board member. Seawright is the vice president and CFO at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

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