Keith Mann’s Unending Support To The Uncommon Schools

Keith has unleashed his other side of philanthropy by committing himself to help the uncommon schools children have an opportunity to attend a four-year college. The scholarship named Keith and Keely Mann scholarship is available for all of the household students in Brooklyn schools in their senior classes. Keith has the intention of developing a future generation of leaders in the business arena. This he is doing in partnership with the uncommon schools a non-governmental organization located in New York. The mission of Keith is to help children from low-income families have the opportunity to pursue their professional goals and dreams. Keith also looks forward to connecting the students who will be selected to have professional connectivity and experience from companies of their dream professionals.

Keith has for a long time been committed to cultivating the success of children through education. He is also passionate about education for all and to earn the scholarship the senior students are requested to write an essay of 1000 words about how they will be assisted by their college degrees in their professional goals. By the end of March 2016, the scholarship team will have identified the students from Brooklyn high schools who won the $5000 scholarship.

Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners; he founded the company in 2000. The firm is a major of alternative investments and has helped any partners grow in the financial industry. Keith is also an expert in executive search and a great business man. He has over time been a great supporter of innovation and academic success and hence encouraging the application of the scholarship in over 42 Brooklyn schools. Keith was able to un-tap the hedge fund industry which was greatly developing but had not been well realized by the search industry even 2006. Before he was the managing director of Dynamic Search Partners but he is now the firm’s chief executive officer. Keith expanded hedge fund industry through the search discipline to private equities in 2009. His commitment to helping young students achieves their dream professionals is beyond measure. His firm Dynamic Search Partners serves more than 200 clients in a year. Brooklyn schools are privileged to have his support.

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