Keith Mann Donates to The NYPD As A Gesture of Support

WSPA released on February 17, 2015, that Keith Mann, who founded Dynamics Search Partners, donated to the NYPD as a show of his and his wife Keely’s support. This is in response to the many negative reactions which has been projected to the police force. Keith Mann’s donation was in the form of buying lunch for the 54th Street precinct in January and again in February.

Boosting morale of the officers, Keith and Keely Mann have connections with the NYPD. Keely Mann’s uncle serves as a detective in Staten Island. He further shared that he believed that officers deserve thanks for all they do to keep people safe and they have families too. Officers are trained to react to situations and do not need to suffer from the carelessness of others.

A rally of support was gathered for the NYPD in January, with an attendance of more than 150 citizens. Joining this support, other rally’s have been held throughout the United States. This is despite the violence toward defenders of the police departments. Keith Mann’s belief is that simple actions can make a huge difference by supporting those who serve to protect citizens on a daily basis.

Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a hedge fund company designed to fill needs for staffing. Mann is also a philanthropist who supports Uncommon Schools, which helps students find post-college jobs. He has also donated to Hope and Heroes.

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