Keeping Lips Smooth And Healthy Is Fun And Easy With EOS

Evolution of Smooth is leading a revolution in cosmetic products. One of their most revolutionary new lines of beatification aids comes in the form of multicolored spheres. But there aren’t little pocket monsters in these spheres; oh no. What is contained at their gooey center is a new line of lip balms designed to keep your lips smooth, sensuous, healthy, and beautiful.

There are four main families of lip balm produced by EOS Lip balm. There’s Shimmer Smooth, Visibly Soft, Organic Smooth, and Active Protection. Shimmer Smooth gives your lips that slightly moist, endlessly sensual look. It’s the balm to wear for a night on the town or a night at the club. With lips like those, you’ll be short-circuiting masculine brains throughout the city! Meanwhile, Visibly Soft has a more delicate appearance. This lip balm is also designed to drive men crazy, but in a different way. It emphasizes the gentle, vulnerable nature of the feminine while still keeping the sexy at a high level. Organic Smooth gives your lips a healthy, natural look that won’t soon be forgotten. Lastly, Active Protection is an ideal balm for environments that can be exceedingly dry, or skin that is naturally dry. Sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate with our minds!

Additionally, there are multi-packs and Organic Smooth Sticks available. EOS also offers its variety of lip balms in a multitude of flavors, which include passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, and medicated tangerine–among others. Coconut milk, one of the best sellers, isn’t on this list; and neither are a bevy of other flavors both exciting and delectable.

Between health and sensuality benefits, flavors, and the exceptionally lovable spherical applicator, EOS lip balm is currently poised to change the market. For healthy, sexy lips, try EOS lip balms. Get these products at and eBay online.


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