Joseph Bismark Changes the Game in asPire Magazine


You may never have heard of Joseph Bismark but that doesn’t mean he isn’t living the high life. Joseph Bismark is the founding Director for QI Group and he has been in the position since 2008. Bismark has gotten attention for his work in the industry but his eclectic lifestyle and wellness oriented approach to living has gotten him even more attention, according to BusinessWire. The QI Group employee actually ended up landing his own feature spread in asPire Magazine so that he could give readers a look at just what makes him tick and live such a proficient lifestyle.

If you spent any amount of time with Joseph Bismark you would quickly come to realize how important his meditation and Yoga practices are. Bismark is a Yoga Master thanks to his time spent at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga and it is there that he has been educating newcomers to the Yoga lifestyle. Bismark is a voracious reader of Yoga related literature and he is always ready to pass on a new book to his students while ingesting the education himself.

When Bismark practices his Yoga he focuses on his mental acuity by loading up a SoundCloud account with mantras and special bhanjan chants. These audio files help Bismark to center himself and focus on finding that inner balance. Yoga isn’t a weekly practice for Bismark, it is a daily one and as essential to his success as putting on a suit and getting into the office.

Bismark doesn’t just meditate and practice Yoga, however, s he is also a very busy and active person when he isn’t on the mat. Bismark credits his physical well being to the time that he spends every week cycling, swimming, and working with kettlebells. Cycling is one of the core components of his workout routine and he optimizes his time spent there by utilizing the MapMyRide app. This app tracks his fitness activities while cycling: duration, speed, distance, elevation, pace, and even burned calories.

As far as kettlebell goes, Bismark focuses on the rip:60 routine. Kettlebells can be tricky weights for people who have never used them before which makes beginner classes the perfect place to start. Kettlebells are ball shaped weights with handles on the top of them.

At the end of the day Bismark needs mental clarity while working. His commitment to exercise and his willingness to stay busy ensures that he is never overwhelmed in his own head space.

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