John Goullet’s Diverse Solutions to Complex Problems

Diversant is the largest African-American IT staffing firm in the United States and a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). As a co-founder and the Principal Executive of Diversant, John Goullet has a demonstrable track record of commitment to diversity in the business place.

Diversant prides itself on its core values of respect, discipline, and a commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. These values can be tied back to Diversant’s starting roots, now over two decades ago, in Goullet’s original company, Technology, Inc., which he founded in 1994. Now, this respected business has become an industry leader in minority opportunities and diversity standards.

John Goullet founded Diversant on the concept that a diverse workplace contributes to a wider breadth of opportunities for all stakeholders, as well as lending itself to a creative atmosphere that generates innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. Despite the fact that Diversant has twice been cited as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies, the flexible, tailored approach that made Mr. Goullet so effective can still be seen. From its earliest days, Diversant took the approach of matching consultant expertise and skills to specific client IT needs.

Goullet’s experience made it clear from the beginning how helpful corporate diversity could be in a company’s quest to integrate with the community around it. By helping companies develop diversity at all levels, Diversant gives them the ability to leverage community resources and connections that were previously unavailable or unknown. Obviously, this is beneficial for the companies and the communities they build.

It is clear that from his early career as an IT consultant in 1981, Goullet has worked to integrate complimentary passions of diversity and excellent IT solutions. In pairing these two, he has co-founded a company that has leveraged both concepts to demonstrate the profitable benefits they bring when developed in tandem. Diversant does not promote diversity at the expense of competent IT support; rather, it seeks to use a diverse approach to provide an ever-raising bar for excellence in IT staffing and support.

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