Jared Haftel: Making His Mark

Some of us graduate from high school, take a few college courses, and we are happy when we land a decent job. Others are not happy with this accomplishment by a long-shot. Some people have a driving force within them that takes them to unbelievable heights in their education and career goals. Jared Haftel is one such person. What makes Jared so different from the average guy on the street? It could be that Jared looks at life as a way to grow, expand and succeed. Discover how Jared Haftel takes education to a new level and why investment banking industries are keeping a close eye on his future.


As far as we know, Jared began his college education with a distinct focus on investment banking. He knew what he wanted and established his career goals early in the game. This gave Jared the ability to choose his college courses carefully and use them to increase his potential success in the banking industry.

Jared was fortunate to start his college education at Duke University in North Carolina. His studies would span a period of five years, but his efforts certainly paid off. Jared worked diligently studying mathematics, economics and science. Mathematic studies gave Jared valuable insights into the concepts of numerical data, analyzing and forecasting. Economic studies were critical in teaching him about the economy and how it relates to the field of investment banking. Lastly, science provided the insight he needed to understand the driving forces of industries and the economy. His perseverance paid off. Jared had completed mathematics, economics and science degrees.

Investment Banking Careers

After obtaining a substantial amount of education, Jared Haftel took his first steps into the banking industry. His first opportunity to get into the banking industry came along in 2008 when he accepted a summer intern job through Credit Suisse. His internship was a mere stepping stone to his next position in the investing department with Bank of America. He worked extensively for two years with the bank in North Carolina to increase his banking knowledge.

The next step in Jared’s career would come when he received the opportunity to join a popular wealth management firm. The firm was located in New York City and is known as Merrill Lynch. He served the companies needs as an investment banking analyst. The job enabled him to put all his skills and expertise together for challenging work that lay ahead. He found himself focusing on chemical and metal commodities, analyzing aerospace and defense industries. In addition, he worked in a consultation role for technology and energy companies.

After working for Merrill Lynch, he became an associate with Vector Capital, which is an equity firm that specializes in business investments for several technology companies.


What can you expect from a man that has already obtained three degrees and worked for several investment banking companies in just a short period of time? Well, once again his ventures take him back to college. To further his career goals, he has enrolled in the prestigious Stanford University. To add to his credentials he now seeks a masters in Business Administration.

Jared Haftel achieves one degree after another and is still seeking additional education. Furthermore, his skills have served him well in investment careers. You can bet the banking industry is still watching this man who achieves his goals and is making his mark.

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