James Dondero Predicts a New Year in Stocks

An investment in the stock market often makes a great deal of success for anyone. Investing in the stock market allows people to be able to see their funds grow and expand over time. In many cases, the market can be the ideal way for any investor to create a nest egg that is only likely to grow in the future as the market continues to expand. Doing so can also help the investor beat inflation and decrease their overall tax bill at the same time. This allows anyone to be assured of a retirement with funds on hand to meet their needs.

However, while in the long term the stock market tends to go up, in the short term, gains may be minimal. This was true of the recent stock market year. In 2015, the stock market, as an article in Forbes Magazine points out, stayed flat. Gains were minimal at best. Many investors were left wondering what to do in order to help see their capital continue to grow. They fear that the coming year will just be a repeat of the previous year with investments flat at best and perhaps outright losses at worst. This is why investors today may be hesitant in investing in the market at the present time.

One person who knows the market well and knows how to respond to any current or changing market situation is James Dondero co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. Jim, as he is known to his many friends and family, is one person who is confident that the market will do well in the coming year. Dondero knows that the American stock market is highly sound and that many industries in this part of the world are led by confident and capable individuals who can assist people in seeing effective returns on their capital.

Jim also knows that effective capital management is not just about meeting the needs of investors but also about reaching out to employees at any given company to help them strive to make the company more successful in every way. As the Forbes article indicates, it is probably a good time in his opinion to focus closely on stocks that are growth stocks and likely to see their prices grow in the future. In this way, the investor can expect to see far better returns this year. Follow Jim on Twitter to stay up to date on the financial world.

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