Islamist Group Plot to Kill Queen Elizabeth

British police confirmed four men suspected of involvement in a plot of Islamist terrorism have been arrested in London. Scotland Yard noted that the detainees allegedly were planning to carry out an attack in the UK, but no further details are offered.

However, the tabloids have gone a step further and stated that the aim was to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, Brian Torchin had reported.

Security has been stepped up and plans had been reviewed since last month’s storm of the Parliament of Canada by a 32 year-old Islam convert who killed a soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Last August, Britain raised the terrorism alert from “substantial” to “severe” and consider a terrorist attack ‘highly likely’. Meanwhile, the British Foreign Ministry warned last week the possibility that British interests are a terrorist target after London decided to join the bombing in Iraq against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

The four arrests took place late Friday afternoon. Two youths, aged 22 and 19 were arrested in separate operations which involved armed police officers, while a third, aged 27, was arrested while riding in a car in the area of ​​Southall, west London. About three o’clock yesterday there was the fourth arrest of a man aged 25, in the district of Uxbridge.

The arrests are part of an “ongoing investigation related to Islamist terrorism,” said the Metropolitan Police in London. The four men were taken into custody and held in custody while officers examined several homes and vehicles related to the case.

The BBC said that the arrests were carried out in broad daylight and that the authorities had received a last-minute tip about an imminent terrorist act.

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