Investment in people pays off for The Dorchester Collection

The small, but growing luxury hotel chain of The Dorchester Collection has seen its decision to invest in its staff as the main selling point of its brand pay off with a number of awards at the annual HR Excellence Awards. The chain is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency and headed by CEO Christopher Cowdray and has worked hard since forming the brand in 2006 to create an overall identity that can be seen across the existing ten hotels managed by the company. Innovation has been the main keyword for the company, with The Dorchester Collection growing at a small rate and even selling off hotels that do not fit in with the future vision of the brand.

At a time when the leisure industry is embarking on a rebirth that sees many of its top chains opening masses of hotels and employing staff at a high rate, The Dorchester Collection is looking to create a company that is known for its excellent customer service. At the 2014 HR Awards in London, The Dorchester Collection was rewarded with the prestigious HR Gold Award and praised for its strategy of training and rewarding its staff members of around 3,500. This strategy back up the claims made by CEO Cowdray in claiming the brand would be judged on its performance in customer service and not in the number of flags they raise around the World.

In 2006, when The Dorchester Collection was founded the chain consisted of just five hotels, although these were some of the most luxurious and prestigious in the World. By 2015 the number of hotels had risen to just ten and features hotels in some of the best known cities in North America and Europe. Although growth ha been slow, the approach is designed to keep the brand exclusive and known for its high level of customer service and innovation. A series of new locations have been identified for new hotels, including those in Asia and major US cities, such as San Francisco, New York and Washington DC.


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