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Medical Advantage plan is a medical cover that gives all the Original Medicare plus additional benefits. The Medical Advantage plan contracts the Federal government to pay per capita for medical services offered like InnovaCare Health. The types of Medicare Advantage plan include;
– Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
– Preferred provider organizations (PPOs)
– Private Free-for-service (PFFs)
– Special need plans
– Provider sponsored organizations
– Medicare Medical Savings accounts.
However, note that when you have Medicare Advantage plan, you still have the Medicare and as such you must continue paying your monthly part B plus part A premiums. Also, ensure that every Medicare Advantage plan you purchase provides you with all part A and part B services.

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The Medicare Advantage plan can have different rules and restrictions that can alter the time and manner in which you receive the services. In addition to this, the plan must have a limit on your out-of-pocket expenses for part A and B services, not charge co-pay that is higher than what the original Medicare plan costs for some services like chemotherapy and dialysis. Except for premiums, co-pay, and coinsurance for benefits like routine vision or dental care for services.
Eligibility for joining Medicare Advantage Plan are;
– You must possess Medicare Parts A and B
– Live where the service is to be offered
You do not have End-Stage Renal Disease, but you can join Special Needs Plans that accepts people with ESRD.

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The merit of Medicare Advantage plan is that you can choose a Medicare plan that offers part D drug coverage as part of the benefits package in addition to MSA or PFFS Medicare plans. Plus the program allows you to enroll automatically to Medicare Advantage Plan that your union or employer sponsors. Again, while in the Plan, you have a choice of switching to Original Medicare or enrolling to a different Medicare Advantage Plan. However, you need to inform your provider like InnovaCare before avoiding your union or employer reducing the benefits or terminating the sponsorship.

One of the best service providers in North America is the InnovaCare Health. The Firm is providing quality Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans by creating creative provider networks. Led by Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA as the President and CEO and the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare is committed to availing cost-effective healthcare services. Anchored on the mission of redefining healthcare management, InnovaCare is meeting the current health challenges.

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