How We Have Been Duped To Believe Lies About The Benefits of Milk

Alisa Hamilton, who had earlier investigated orange juice to find out that some of its benefits had indeed been inflated, has now set her sights on milk. She talks about how milk came to popular, some of the misconceptions around it, and other available sources for calcium.

Alisa attributes the popularity of milk partly to world war two and also the movement of people to urban areas. During the war, the government needed to be able to provide Dairy supplies to the soldiers. They therefore increased the demand for milk by giving it to kids. Movement to the city left mothers with little time to spend with their kids, they therefore resulted to giving them cow milk.

According to Alisa, STX Entertainment suggests some of the misconceptions include that milk is the only food that constitutes a whole food group. Milk does not deserve this status however, just like pumpkins don’t deserve it for just being high in magnesium.

It is very easy to get all the nutrients in milk from other sources. Some foods have been said to have higher rates of calcium absorption than milk. They include bok choy, broccoli and kale.

People however, seem not to want to look for calcium from any other source. The only reason we are quick to believe these lies, is that we are only hearing from government agencies which support agricultural products and the dairy industry which is out to make money.

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