How to Write a Better Introductions for Wikipedia Articles

The two most important parts of every article are the headline and the introduction paragraph, though Wikipedia doesn’t necessarily use a “headline”, at least on make a Wiki page instead this would apply to the lead sentence and the rest of the opening paragraph. If a reader is not interested by the time they finish the introduction paragraph, they will not read the rest of the article.

Lead Section

The core audience of most Wikipedia readers will always be information seekers, so when writing and editing Wikipedia articles focus on being direct, detailed, and accurate. The leading sentence should always epitomize this tone.

Every Wikipedia article should start with a short, declarative sentence with two primary questions answered. “Who or what is the subject of the article” and “why does this subject matter”. An important thing to remember is that the detailed adjectives should always be left out of this sentence.

Opening Paragraph

If the reader cares enough about the subject and feels the need to delve further into the topic they will then read the paragraph for details. It’s best then, that the rest of the first paragraph will layout the most important aspects of the subject at hand. If it is about a person detail when the person lived, what things he or she did of note and layout any controversies that may have followed the person. It’s important to remember that all personal feelings about the subject shouldn’t be included into the article, this includes any sentences introducing any popular controversies.

Proceeding Paragraphs

If you weren’t able to get into enough details regarding the subject at hand, or if the article is particularly long it is recommended to write an additional paragraph or two. While the writer should always be wary of being too subjective, the proceeding paragraphs would be the optimal place to place any essential subjective material.


As long as if you keep these tips in mind regarding writing better introductions for Wikipedia articles, every article should be up to standard, and should flow easily. The most important thing to remember is practice makes perfect, the more you write Wikipedia articles the better you will be at writing future Wikipedia articles. So don’t be discouraged, and keep at it!

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