How Omar Boraie has improved New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a Canadian real estate development guru, who has been focused on building an empire. He has worked in the sector for about four decades, and his efforts have significantly transformed New Brunswick. The businessman founded a company that is known as Boraie Development and has used it in accomplishing his dream. The firm is currently developing a residential property that is called The Aspire. The building has been designed to have high-end features, and it has been Omar’s dream for many years. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

The entrepreneur acts as the chairperson of Boraie Development. He says that most of New Brunswick’s residents did not believe that modern buildings could be established in the area. Omar has always wanted to construct top-notch real estate property in the city. He got his real estate concept from Europe when he was a scholarship student in the continent. New Brunswick was a deserted place when he Sam Boraie started venturing in the real estate development business.

Omar has managed to achieve some of his dreams and his New Brunswick office is located on the eighth floor of a commercial property that was built by Boraie Development. The area where the structure has been established was formerly occupied by the 21 collapsing buildings that were congested in one place. Boraie acquired them despite their states and strategized on how to renovate them. His plans could not be understood by many people since the structures were considered valueless. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

The Albany Street Plaza Tower One became the first main building that was constructed by Boraie Development, and it was open for business in 1988. In 2003, the company started the constructing another commercial building that is called the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, and it was ready by 2007. The two structures are close to each other, and they have been a success to Omar Boraie.

Omar started venturing in residential buildings after noticing that New Brunswick had a housing problem. Most middle-income earners needed decent apartments to buy or rent. His company has constructed the One Spring Street building, which is among the city’s tallest structures. The residential property has 121 top-notch apartments, and it is 25 stories high. It also has spaces for retails shops, offices, an eatery, and a garage. The success of Omar Boraie has motivated many people to venture into real estate business. He acknowledges everyone who supported him in transforming New Brunswick.

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