How Marc Sparks Has Helped other Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is a Dallas based entrepreneur. He is known as a serial entrepreneur due to his vast portfolio in entrepreneurship. He has built many companies from ideas that others think are obsolete. His private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP maintains his companies in one place. His business model and his long-range growth plans have always been unique. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs are described briefly below.

When people gain experience, they should learn it from the business perspective. Just because someone is familiar with cars doesn’t mean they can run a car business. Someone who can sing well doesn’t mean they can negotiate with music producers or build a sales force to sell music. Similarly, someone who didn’t have a haircut for years doesn’t mean they cannot open a beauty salon. Being familiar with something doesn’t equate to business experience. Experience is not about age either. It is about practice, skills and relevant knowledge plus much more than that. It is about having the right motivation and energy to do what others think is impossible. That is how Marc got into where he is right now. The great thing about all his experiences is that he can always build on that and help other people choose a similar path.

Marc has been working as entrepreneur since his high-school. He started out small, which caught the eyes of investors across the nation and his talent and ability to take risks were immediately evident. He proactively sought experience to other aspects of business. He learned more about what he did, and in short order, became the founder of nearly a dozen companies that are now in his TCC, LP. All these experiences gave him the reality check about what it meant to be a successful entrepreneur. He wanted to learn new things. He didn’t know until he went into doing the tasks he liked. He worked each job function and since then has never looked back.
Sparks advises that the best way to lay a solid foundation is to take additional risks and involve in refining their skills. In athletic words, if they want to run they need to walk first. After they practice and gain strength, then off they come. This is how Marc reached his ultimate goals. He became serious about starting his own business, investing capital, time and effort to have the best chances of success. This in turn attracted venture capitalists who saw his ideas, plans and portfolio worthy of investment. Marc always reminds other entrepreneurs that starting or buying a business always requires work and a lot of work. There is the task of exploring a business model and laying foundation for that business. Then there is the task of researching target customers and their needs as well. There is the task of putting together business plans and materials. There is a need to research on vendors and office locations. The most important thing for an entrepreneur at any stage is raising capital. This is followed by creating a marketing plan and corporate structure. Marc wants other entrepreneurs to follow their passion and instinct. He talks to a lot of people while they are at their starting phase of business. He constantly touches on the issues of competitive world and the need to be strong in it.

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