How Do The Greatest Coffee Companies Expand Their Brands?

The greatest coffee brands in the world have slowly expanded their companies over the years to include much more than a good cup of coffee. OrganoGold is a company that began as a modest coffee grower in the Philippines. The company grew over the years to offer many coffee products through independent sellers who work with the company. Health blogger Bernardo Chua brought OrganoGold to America in the form of an energy drink, and the company is still thriving today. This article is a testament to how the best coffee companies must look past a good cup of coffee.

#1: Organic Beans

The OrganoGold brand was built on organic coffee beans that have been grown in the Philippines for decades, and the reviews always point that out as a major positive. The beans provide a different flavor than other coffees, and the company uses a multi-level marketing plan to meet the needs of every customer. Private sellers are more than welcome to sell their products at a profit, and the company profits from sales to individual vendors. The coffee tastes better than the competition, but OrganoGold went the extra mile to reach customers.

#2: The Energy Drink Market

The energy drink market is exploding in America, and OrganoGold took full advantage of the market by ensuring that their energy drink made its way to America via Bernardo Chua, whose entrepreneurial brilliance is well documented. Bernardo brought the brand to America by offering energy drinks to vendors who wished to set up their own businesses in North America. OrganoGold quickly took a portion of the energy drink market reserved for soft drink companies, and the flavor became legendary.

#3: OrganoGold Goes The Extra Mile

OrganoGold has gone the extra mile to provide the best beans in the world by growing in organic fields in the Philippines. On Twitter Bernardo Chua said he brought those same coffee beans to America when he expanded the company, and the energy drinks from OrganoGold taste just like iced coffee. There is almost no difference in flavor, and people who try these products will not feel as though they are drinking something that was not fit for normal consumption.

The OrganoGold brand is a blueprint for all coffee companies going forward. A good cup of coffee only goes so far in the world today, and OrganoGold is going the extra mile to provide the best cup of coffee and an energy drink in one place. Vendors sell these products every day at a profit, and everybody wins after they have a cup or can of OrganoGold.

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